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A comparison of iOS 14 and Android

  1. Picture in Picture

Nowadays, phones have more power for users to do two tasks simultaneously. This case is totally true for iPhones from Apple.

When it comes to software and the user interface, Apple’s approach to picture in picture is a good consideration. Users are now able to resize the picture-in-picture window just by pinching or expanding with two fingers, which Android users can not. Also, Apple users can slide video away for times as they would like to just hear the audio while there is no hope to watch something with their full focus.

Android’s picture-in-picture adoption is far less effective. Nevertheless, you are able to make this case better due to support. Currently, this feature on iOS 14 is still limited to apps. You Tube does not support picture-in-picture on iOS and neither does the video playing through Safari. Also, Apple TV Plus does have this feature.

In the upcoming time, Apple would need to work with third parties to bridge this gap in order to allow for this feature in more applications.

  1. App clips

A few years ago, Google released a new class of Android applications named Instant Applications. These apps were trimmed down version of current apps in order to serve particular functions while there is no need for installation.

App clips are not the answer from Apple to that feature from Android. The major difference between App Clips and Instant Apps is less their functionality and more the way by which users will experience.

Apple enables App Clips to be triggered by using QR codes or links delivered from friends in Messages. The perfect example would be parking payments. No one wants to download an application for just a parking meter they use only once. Thus, they can scan a code near the stall or tap an NFC tag and finally iPhone will immediately provide you with a suitable application. Last but not least, you are authenticated using Sign In with Apple. It means you will no longer have to spend some minutes to make an account.

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