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Apple iCloud Drive features

Apple iCloud Drive goes on adding new function and enhancements, and they’re certainly needed: in recent years Apple was slow out of the blocks, and its cloud storage service has lagged behind the more polished rivals made by Microsoft, Google and Dropbox.

There are signs of Apple which finds its feet with iCloud Drive though, with the addition of new function such as data sharing, and integration with macOS and iOS getting better all the time. Here’s what to be hopeful from Apple iCloud Drive right now, and how well it will operate for you. As well as backing up file from certain apps, now iCloud Drive is a user-facing, more conventional cloud storage service. It includes its own entries in the Finder on macOS, and offers its own apps on iPhones and iPads. The idea is you can back up everything you want, from PDF documents to photos, to Apple’s servers and get at it from anywhere.

Unless you count logging into the iCloud web portal in an Android browser, which is a tortuous process, support is non-existent for Android though. Since as well as the web interface there’s a desktop iCloud customer that you can use to sync data to and from a machine running Microsoft’s OS, Windows users are treated a little bit better.

The best function of Apple iCloud Drive is really just that it runs, it’s not as hidden as it once was, but it’s still built to run largely in the background, syncing your crucial files between mobile and desktop devices. Everything that gets added to your iCloud Drive is synced to the web, and on a Mac you can choose to include the Desktop and Documents folders as well. Moreover, basic file and folder sharing is contained, however there’s no versioning, so you can’t get back older versions of data or files. Everything you can do is make files online only if you begin to run out of space on your Mac, however like much of what Apple does, this is mostly managed automatically and you don’t get much in the way of control over the function.

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