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How to understand your Apple Airpods the most

Moreover, phone call audio will move back automatically to your iPhone as you take the device out of your ear.

Tips to answer a call with your AirPods

It is possible to answer a call immediately with your AirPods in spite of the fact that it is highly recommended to change the Announce Calls feature on so that you would know who are calling you.

To answer a call, you just have to double tap one of your first or second generation AirPods as you hear the incoming call through your ear. If you are using AirPods Pro, you need to squeeze the Fource Touch sensor.

How to end a call with AirPods

On the contrary, to end a call, you need to double tap one of your AirPods. You should be careful as you may end a call by accident when it is still going on. For AirPods Pro, you can squeeze the Force Touch sensor on the stem to end a call.

Tips to change your AirPods from iPhone to Mac

If you have the volume shortcut established in the menu bar of your Mac, it is easy to choose your AirPods from the drop down menu which will be promopted as you click the volume icon. You will then be able to play music on your AirPods when enjoying music on your Mac. In order to turn on the volume shortcut on your Mac, you choose System Preferences, Sound and finally put a tick into the Show Volume in Menu Bar option.

Make use of AirPods

As soon as you connect AirPods to your device, all you need to do then is popping one or both AirPods in your ears and then they will play audio which is on your iOS device, such as a phone call or a video.

When you take an AirPod out of your ear, the audio will then pause automatically. You can place the AirPod back in your ear and that audio will play one more time.


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