Nextcloud free cloud storage

Nextcloud becomes a common open source file sync and online collaboration technology. During it isn’t strictly speaking an online cloud storage supplier itself, it provides free software to download and set up a cloud storage service on your own server.

Therefore, you want to know what you are doing. When you use a server on your home network for cloud storage which is much quicker. Besides, you can also enable encryption and ensure the data never leaves your home network, which is far safer but also more perilous if you make mistakes.You can even buy a preconfigured NextCloud Box (if you can find one) which goes with a 1TB hard drive and will run with a low-priced Raspberry Pi board to stay your data synced if you’ve no server or IT experience.

Nextcloud has put  in important collaborative functions to its Dropbox-like, file syncing base since ‘forking’ the source code from ownCloud and establishing company in Stuttgart in 2016.

As soon as you log in and set up Nextcloud, you get connection to a wealth of functionality via a rich (WebDAV-compliant) web interface, which you can view, share and edit files or folders, and the interface is slick and speedy (if not quite as polished as the likes of Google Drive). For local folder syncing, there are the desktop customers: again these are pretty plain but greatly functional, and you can sync any files you want (with the choice of syncing to several servers for extra redundancy, if you need it).

Reassuringly, a whole log of all activity on web, desktop and mobile is retained, so you can always retrace your steps and discover what happened where. The speeds for uploading, downloading and syncing are very great, though obviously this depends somewhat on where you’re saving your files. Versioning is helped too, so you can roll back to older versions of your files.

All of Nextcloud’s code is completely certified by OpenChain and backed by a Security Bug Bounty Program, paying security experts for any vulnerabilities that they uncover. In recent

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