Searchspring Feature

Product Recommendations/Suggestions

The product recommendation tool is one of those tools. This tool allows users to have their online shoppers look products or items that are familiar to the products or items they are putting in to their shopping cart and placing orders for. What’s good about this is that the product recommendations can be personalized, which reflect the preferences and individual style of online shoppers as they buy.

Guided Selling Tool

Searchspring brings back a guided selling tool that supports online shoppers in reducing the products they can select from when they are looking for, browsing, and shopping. This tool uses questions which they can answer so that they can get the accurate products they want, which provides them with the capability to filter their product options without disregarding the product functions and attributes they like.

Automate And Accelerate Visual Merchandising

The search and merchandising solution is created with a range of tools headed at accelerating merchandising processes. Users will be able to build landing pages, collect products, and introduce marketing and merchandising campaigns automatically by these tools.

Build And Adjust Landing And Search Pages

Searchspring provides a visual merchandising tool which permits users to configure how specific search pages work or behave and adjust how such pages appearance. When it goes to building landing pages, the platform gives a tool that allows them to produce customizable landing pages from product listings they handpicked.

Create And Launch Merchandising Campaigns

What it is launched merchandising campaigns using Searchspring is a breeze. Users can install different merchandising campaigns and prepare plans for them which define the set of dates or times when such campaigns will be officially introduced.

Shopper Scenarios And Custom Triggers

When users install merchandising campaigns, they can also build various shopper scenarios where those campaigns will be applied to. A merchandising campaign can be supplied on several shopper scenarios simultaneously or can be built to manage sophisticated shopper scenarios. Additionally, Searchspring employs custom triggers to show how each campaign will be carried out basing on the shopper scenario where it is implemented. For instance, a specific shopper scenario can trigger the showing of banner in several product categories and searches.

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