FACT-Finder – A site search solution

FACT-Finder is a strong, all-in-one suite of onsite search, navigation, and merchandising solutions which is created by Omikron Data Quality GmbH for eCommerce. It boasts an industry-leading, error-tolerant conversion engine, there is no doubt that FACT-Finder becomes one of the most common onsite search solutions that serve for medium-size and...

FACT-Finder Benefits

FACT-Finder is well-known as a strong tool used by thousands of companies across Europe. The platform brings multiple benefits, including: All-In-One Solution One thing you are excited about FACT-Finder is that it is an all-in-one solution. It offers a convenient structure to deliver to the retailers, as it eliminates the...

FACT-Finder advantage

Powerful conversion engine It can be seen that the use of innovative technology is another thing which makes FACT-Finder pay attention. Especially, the boasts an error-tolerant conversation engine created to streamline the sales trip. The innovative engine allows client to look for the service or product which they are finding...