Usage tips for Apple Airpods

After that, you choose the feature you want for the left AirPod and choose the one you want for the right AirPod. Tips to rename AirPods Any AirPods you link to your phone will take your first name in an automatic manner and then add AirPods, such as A’s AirPods....

Tips and tricks to maintain Airpods battery

When you can wear one AirPod or two AirPods at any time during the day, it is often the case that you wear only one AirPod if you have a lot of phone calls. Tips to check battery on AirPods You can check the battery of your AirPods easily with...

Everything about iOS 13

The iPad comes with all the offerings that you can find with iOS 13 on the iPhone yet Apple has put more features for this devices with a new name iPadOS. iPad Operating system If you have ever hoped that iOS 13 would turn your iPad into a more effective...