The best features that you can find with Android 9 Pie

  1. Tap into gestures

After the release of the Apple iPhone X, there have been more and more devices coming without navigation based on buttons, including some Android phones such as One Plus and Motorola. And now it is fully integrated into Android.

With the new version of Android, users can chuck the conventional navigational bar completely, choosing a little nub at the bottom of your screen. You can tap on it to go Home no matter where you are in your phone, hold down for the Google Assistant and swipe up for the new Overview screen.

It is quick and simple but really effective. If you do not like this feature, you can move back to the classic navigation buttons.

  1. A better overview

Android Pie comes with a lot of changes in navigation, with or without gesture controls. One example is the new Overview screen.

With this new feature, users can find it far easier to flip between your active applications, line them up horizontally so that they just need to slide between them. What is more, the search bar and approach to your full app listing is just below, allowing you to access easily and quickly.

What is more, if you own a Pixel phone, you can effortlessly duplicate and then share anything from an application from Overview, whether it is in text or photo format. You will not need to jump in or jump out of applications. Smart Text Selection feature is also effective as it can read the context you selected.

  1. A smarter battery

Recent Android revisions have paid much attention to improving battery life and this case is applied to Android Pie with the new Adaptive Battery feature.

It makes use of machine learning technology to decide which apps you are using the most and when then customize battery usage properly. The battery is prioritized for apps and services which are often used while others get less.

Last but not least, the Battery Saver mode brings about new options such as disabling always-on displays.

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