The best tips to know for iPad usage

In order to enjoy this feature from iPad, you just need to swipe down in the middle of the home screen when you have just unlocked your tablet. After that, you can enter your search points in the Search bar placed at the top.

Take advantage of Notes application as an integrated scanner

Such third-party scanner applications as Scannerly is highly recommended but in fact, they are not truly necessary. Apple now allows users to scan documents as well as make PDF files from those scans directly with its Notes app.

When you have had the files you would like to scan, all you need to do is just opening a new document in the Notes app and choose the plus sign at the bottom. You will then see the option Scan Documents. After that, you will have an opportunity to sign the document with its Markup tool just by using your fingers. Finally, you are now able to save the file as a PDF.

Utilize the Files app to organize your work better

In the past, the only way to find files on iPad would be opening them from the application you put them in. This is the reason why we should appreciate the release of this new Files application. In spite of the fact that it would not be as convenient as what we use on our Mac or personal computer, it is rather similar.

Basically, there are two types you can use. Recent will allow you to view all the documents you have recently utilized and you can open them here. The other tab is Browse, which will allow you to view the doc folders for personal applications and that you can make the extra folders for further organization. All of them are synced to Cloud.

Look for anything with the Spotlight tool

This search tool is really effective. Due to the fact that Apple keeps everything indexed in an automatic manner, users can receive search results for everything from file names to even text in some documents. It is really difficult to lose something if you are using an Apple device.


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