The newest features you can find on iOS 14

  1. Widgets

In the past, Widgets were only provided on the Today screen. However, with the new version of iOS, new Widgets will provide timely info with just a glance and users are now able to pin them onto any Home Screen page with various sizes. This is similar to the widgets on Android.

To do this, you just need to hold down the home screen in order to view the new options as if you were aiming to move or bin applications. You will see a new plus icon on the top left which will let you add widgets according to what is installed.

You can choose to scroll through many more options for each widget or just simply drag them onto the home screen or the Today screen. The current icons will then be displaced.

There is also a new feature named Smart Stack in which you can create a stack of widgets that will use on-device intelligence in order to offer you the right widget based on time, location as well as activity.

  1. App Library

The App Library is a new screen which will position at the end of your Home Screen pages. It will arrange all of your applications into folders in an automatic manner, such as Social or Recently Added, or Suggestions, showing you the applications that may be helpful to you at that specific time. You can also opt how many Home Screen pages to show and hire the whole pages for quick approach to the App Library.

This will create new choices for you. However, if you are getting familiar with searching for your applications using the Spotlight search, it is not something new to you. It is highly suggested to have to two home screens of important apps, followed by the App Library screen. In order to get to the Edit Pages screen, you just need to hold down on your screen as though you were about to remove an app icon and then choose the row of dots above the dock.

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