Tips and tricks to maintain Airpods battery

When you can wear one AirPod or two AirPods at any time during the day, it is often the case that you wear only one AirPod if you have a lot of phone calls.

Tips to check battery on AirPods

You can check the battery of your AirPods easily with iPhone. You should be sure that your iPhone is placed beside your AirPods case and open it.

The battery percentage of both the case and the device will turn up side-by-side on the bootom of your iPhone display. You can also ask Siri about how much battery remained.

How to charge AirPods

In order to charge Apple AirPods, you just need to place them back in their case. They will automatically charge while they are in the case as long as the case has battery.

When it comes to the second generation of AirPods or the AirPods Pro, the charging case can offer up to two hours of talk time and 3 hours of listening times within just 15 minutes of charge.

How to charge the AirPods case

In order to charge the AirPods case, you just need to put its Lightning connector into the bottom of the case like what you can do with your iPhone. If you own the wireless charing case for the AirPods 2 or the AirPOds Pro, you can also put in on a wireless changing mat which is compatible with Qi in order to give more energy for the device. You can also use the Apple Watch charger in order to charge the AirPods wireless charging case. Remember to place everything on its right position.

Take advantage of one AirPod and change in order to increase talk time

The first generation of AirPods will provide users with approximately two hours of talk time. Then the second generation provides about three hours of talk time and five hours of listening time. The AirPods Pro comes with about three and a half hours of talk time and around four or five hours of listening time, according to the mode you are in.


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