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Tips and tricks with iOS 14

  1. Back tap in order to activate Google Assistant

The Back tap feature is among the most prominent features on iOS 14 which will allow you to trigger such actions as taking a screenshot and opening the control center just by tapping on the back of an iPhone. Nevertheless, the best use of this feature is triggering Google Assistant using double or triple taps.

First of all, you will need to download the Google Assistant application on your iPhone. Then you create a Siri Shortcut by adding the Hey Google action. Now you can enable the back tap in Accessibility Settings.

  1. Playing YouTube in background without YouTube Premium

Apple has finally integrated the most required feature Picture in Picture to the new version of iOS. While it does allow users to play videos and carry out different tasks simultaneously, with this little tip, you can also play YouTube videos in the background while there is no need to purchase YouTube premium.

To enjoy this feature, you need to open YouTube in Safari and play the video in full-screen mode. When the video begins playing, you will flick it to the sides in order to dock that video in the background. That’s simple.

  1. Add Face Mask to Memoji

With iOS 14, you will receive a new Memoji customization feature and 14 extra hairstyle and age options. What a lot of people may ignore is the face mask feature Memoji which was also added due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to add a mask to your Emoji, you should go to Contact App and look for a contact. After you has found the contact, you can tap on the Edit option on the top right. Then it will prompt a new screen for you to tap on edit option below the default profile picture. Now, you tap on the plus sign in the circle located beneath the Animoji option and swipe left to see Memojis. Finally, you can scroll to the bottom and choose the mask. After all, your contact will have a mask on whenever you get a call.

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