Tips and tricks with iPad

If you want to return the keyboard to normal, you can press down on the keyboard icon one more time and choose Dock and Merge.

Save all of your vital applications on the dock

The iPad is an ideal device as it helps users open their mostly used applications just by putting all of them on the dock. On the contrary, the iPhone will only enable users to put four apps or folders there.

It is highly recommended that you should place as many apps as you can on the dock. This will both accelerating your productivity and helping you access an application quickly via different screens of multitasks.

In order to place an app or folder on the dock, you need to press down on its icon on the home screen until you see it wobbling. Then you drag it down to the dock and plop it into place. That’s done.

Split the keyboard in half to type more easily

If you are bored with hunting with only one finger when you are holding the iPad, now Apple will allow you to split the keyboard in two in order to help you type much faster. As the digital keyboard is visible, you just need to press down on the keyboard button in the lower right. You opt for Split in the menu that is prompted and it will be split. If the keyboard is in this way, you can then press the keyboard button and slide the keyboard either up or down. Remember not to press down for too long if you do not want the Split menu turns up.

Tap the screen with the Apple Pencil in order to turn the Notes app on

It is not difficult at all to write down a note if you have got an Apple Pencil in advance. You just need to tap the display with the pen even when your device is still locked and then an empty page in Notes will be shown on the screen. This is very easy and quick to get used to.


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