Tips to make the most out of iPad

In fact, the iPad can not be substituted for a laptop as Apple would like its users to think. However, you should not take this too serious because the device has its own benefits. The iPad would be a wonderful tool if you know how to make the most of it with the tricks. The iPad can work magically if you get to know its right tricks. When you have already understood it, you can work with it really effectively. However, it would not be a MacBook. Instead, it is similar to a giant iPhone. Let’s take a look at the following tips.

Make use of Split View for better multitasking

Split View multitasking is among the best advantages of iPad in comparison with the iPhone. If you want to view two apps side by side, you only need to open those apps and then drag up the second app’s icon from the dock to either left or right of the display. Then you can see that the screen splits into two halved with a divider in the middle which you can adjusted.

If you would like to utilize the second app for a quick reference, you are able to turn it into a small window floating above the main application. You can do this as same as you can do with Split View but you do not need to drag the second app all the way to the edge. You just need to drop it somewhere around the middle. In case you want to remove it, you swipe the thin white bar at the top of this app.

 Turn the iPad keyboard into a trackpad

The iPad is now not supporting wired or Bluetooth connectivity. However, it comes with another replacement. Whenever the digital keyboard is visible, you can put two fingers on it in order to move them around.

After that, the keys of the keyboard will vanish so that you can move a cursor to select a large text around the display like you are making use of a MacBook trackpad.


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