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What is Algolia?

Algolia is known as a platform in order to build search that offers solutions to support enterprises grow unique search and discovery experiences for clients across various platforms and devices. Algolia provides all solutions to every customer sent query, clicked link, or opened app to support enterprises bring the responding accurate content. The software creates frictionless find-to-conversion paths via linking users with correctly what they’re looking for at fast speeds and with premium exactness. Growth teams are offered with extensive documentation, guides, and other building blocks to build a rapid and relevant search experience.

With navigation, browse, and content finding experience which are featured by Algolia, users can go beyond the search box. The program also creates predictive and natural interactions to make immersive experiences that show relevant content.

In reality, Algolia is a strong search and discovery API goal-built for websites and mobile apps. It is trusted by eCommerce, media, and SaaS industries, this scalable software solution can create frictionless find-to-conversion paths to correctly link users to outcome at a fast space. With it, you can narrow the sophistication of scaling a rapid, relevant digital experience and even right growth time.

Moreover, Algolia also goes beyond offering clients with the search outcomes they want. It also offers predictive and natural interactions in order that the visitors of your website can enjoy immersive experiences that will support them discover other useful content from your site.

Algolia fuels media search and finding to support drive engagemet, raise loyalty, and retain users. The software support build engaging experiences for end-users by offering the freshest and most relevant content, personalized for each user, and brought in real-time on users’ chosen device and platform. An Algolia Custom Crawler unlocks documents for users to find out rich content, while boosting relevance depended on custom engagement variables like shares, likes, or even metrics from Google Analytics.

It is founded in 2012, Algolia recently has a headquarters placed in San Francisco with offices in Paris, London, New York, and Atlanta. They are belivied by more than 5,000 firms like Under Armour, Twitch, Periscope, Medium and Stripe for site search solutions.

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