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What you should know about Coveo?

It was established in 2005, Coveo is famous for how its search technologies offer seamless incorporation with Google Apps for Work,, Office 365, Sitecore, Atlassian, JIRA, YouTube, Dropbox, Lithium, Jive, and more. Plus, its APIs also permits for custom incorporation with other applications.

Coveo isalso  a unified site search and indexing software for enterprise services, energy & utilities, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, high tech, media, telecommunications, and retail industries. It calls an AI-powered platform that consolidates data repositories securely across multiple social, business and cloud-based systems. The solution makes sure that all staffs as well as corporate customers and partners can connect applicable data with context at each interaction, thereby supporting organizations to offer custom-made experience at scale.

Coveo is a strong information consolidation system that bring down quick, safe, and global connect to regulated and unregulated information in multiple systems throughout the organization. The platform leverages smart, predictive site search technologies with incorporated plugins for optimal outcomes. Some of its major functions contains admin experience, complex search/filtering, AI/machine learning, query engine, text analytics, security & compliance, and usage analytics.

Moreover, Coveo is an AI-powered search solution that brings the most relevant search outcomes to your website visitors, from several content sources across your organization—both within your web CMS and beyond.

Beside, Coveo offers many reasons to pick up it, including:

Search for information, everywhere

Automatically connect all of your content and products no matter where the data might reside, and bring the most relevant outcome, regardless of source, to your users.

Enhanced connectivity

A wide library of connectors securely indexes each and every text source and application across your business, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Continuous learning and self-tuning technology

Layering machine learning on top of the usage insight makes sense that you can automatically predict which content will be most relevant for various visitors and surface the true information, at the true time, to the true people.

There are common and widely used systems in each software category. However, they need the best fit for your business’s unique wants? A popular software product may have thousands of clients, but does it offer what you need? For this reason, do not blindly shell out for popular network.

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