Which electric scooters are the best options now


In spite of the fact that Xiaomi has always been famous for its economical smart phones, the M365 Pro model proves the company to be more than excellent at creating intelligent electric scooters. This is considered to be the best scooter on the current market as it comes with a reasonable cost and great options.

On this electric scooter, you will enjoy a top speed of 15 miles per hour, a range of 27 miles and a weight of just a little over 14 kilograms. In comparison with the previous options, it comes with a higher range, better brakes, wider deck for better experience when riding, and an advanced display thus you can check your speed as well as other figures you want to.

Along with the ideal hardware, the Xiaomi M365 Pro Electric Scooter also comes with the most effective app connectivity by which you can keep track of your journeys, your speed as well as the amount of remained battery. The M365 intelligent scooter platform also provides a lot of improved features of the battery, such as being able to charge when you brake in the setup. If you buy the scooter from Pure Scooter, you will receive a warranty of 2 years.

UNAGI Model One E450 Dual Motor

If you are looking for a scooter as your main transport, you should take into consideration this Unagi Model One. While it is not able to help you set speed or range records, its sleek design is ideal.

More precisely, the item from Unagi is built from powerful and light materials which are also utilized in Space X projects, thus this scooter is light and portable.

In terms of operation, the power comes from the dual motors by which riders can deal with difficult terrains easily and conveniently. You will not get any extra top speed of a top speed range of 15 miles per hour is rather good. There are four options for you to pick, including Cosmic Blue, Sea Salt, Gotham Grey and Matt Black.

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